IT Support


TEKenable's IT Support teams provide best of breed expertise to clients of all sizes, with dedication, passion, experience and understanding.

- Gary Fitzpatrick- Head of Customer Support

Support, always on!.
Someone to watch over your assets.


TEKenable's dedication is second to none.

  • Around the Clock- TEKenable provides clients with 24/7/365 support, for mission critical systems, ensuring someone is always watching your back.

  • Instant Response- With our tailored and in-house developed monitoring software, TEKenable maintains instant reports and statistics on your web applications.
  • Proven- With over ten years of experience supporting systems globally, TEKenable has a proven track record supporting business critical solutions efficiently.

TEKenable's people are the best in the World.

  • Skills- TEKenable's teams have the highest level of skills available, in each of our core competencies. Our attrition rate is low, ensuring our staff learn from each project, applyting best practice as they go.

  • Certification- We ensure that all our staff achieve the highest certifications possible, across each of the technology subsets that we deliver against, giving our clients peace of mind.
  • Trust- As we support them, our clients trust our teams, listening to each other and developing stronger bonds. This means we understand our clients so well we can support them in the way they want.

Reliable, concise and immediate

  • Agreements- TEKenable has extensive template agreements ready to support clients in many situations, from Cloud to conventional to legacy requirements. We can tailor our SLA's to mtach your needs.

  • Reviews- TEKenable proviodes quaterly and monthly reviews to its clients, to ensure we are continuing to provide the best service possible. Bringing everyone together maximises success.
  • Response- We meet our obligations, every time. We ensure that response times and resolution targets align with expectations and always communicate effectively and efficiently

We support all sectors.

  • Financial- TEKenable provides complex and highly critical support contracts to leading institutions with mission critical solutions running on platforms such as J2EE, SAP, .NET et al

  • SME- We have built and support many variety of solutions for SME organisations throughout the UK and Ireland, including products for entrepreneurs and start-ups
  • Public- Mission critical solutions for the Public Sector, in particular in Health, are a speciality, developing National Databases and Web Applications support.