Since 2002 TEKenable has been delivering innovative technology and process projects and solutions. Our goal is to provide real business benefit through modernising techniques, automating and improving processes with leading edge solutions and driving real business change through innovative use of technology.

Digital Transformation is driving ever greater business automation and enhancing customer experience across the globe in a wave of change that is being described as the 4th Industrial Revolution. Organisations have moved from Traditional businesses to Immersive Organisations utilising eCommerce, CRM and Social Engagement and are now evolving to Intelligent businesses through adoption of Intelligent Automation, Robo-Advisory, Real Time Marketing, Predictive Analytics and Natural Interaction Bots.

Technological advances in AI, Machine Learning, a move to even greater computing power at the edge of the network in your customer‘s hands and an inexorable trend towards increasing digital interaction combined with an absolute expectation by your customers of digital interaction is driving companies to evolve.

Digital Transformation

TEKenable uses digital transformation to continue to drive innovation within our customers, enabling them to:

  • Respond to market trends and their customer needs through better products and services
  • Fulfil the potential of employees by reducing mundane workloads and allowing employees to provide real value-add
  • Engage with customers in new and innovative ways encompassing the varied age ranges of their customer base
  • Streamline and optimise processes to reduce overhead and improve efficiency
  • Continue to grow based on trusted engagement and value to their customers
  • We give some more details on each of these areas below, feel free to Contact Us at any time

Digital Transformation - Services

    Digital Transformation for TEKenable is about continuing to help our clients to seize opportunities within their markets, innovate with them using appropriate processes and technology, empowering their employees to deliver better quality of service and ultimately provide changing products and services that allow them to stand-out in the market place. The four pillars of Digital Transformation are described in the sections below:

    Engage Customers

    All businesses thrive based on delivering on their customer’s needs, meeting customer expectation and in general keeping customers satisfied with the services they provide. In the growing digital landscape this means using technology to strengthen customer acquisition and increase loyalty.

    Customer Engagement can run from within the original sales cycle all the way through to delivery and retention. Using smart technology to open new communication schannels and offer personalised experiences to better engage with customers creating innovative sales experiences and holding a wholistic data driven customer view to help to personalise the customer relationship and build loyalty.

    TEKenable have delivered solutions to our clients that help them to increase, manage and retain their customer base, delivering real digital transformation through better customer engagement.

    Dairygold - MyMilk – Implementation of a mobile app to provide Dairygold milk suppliers with up-to-date information on their individual supply, pertaining to volumes, quality and ultimate price return. This mobile application for both Android and iOS also provided a channel for on-going Dairygold communications to suppliers. The app has enabled milk supliers to react early and react fast to address quality issues increasing their income and the milk quality received by Dairygold.

    Weatherbys – General Stud Book (GSB) Online – This project involved the implementation of an online version of the Weatherby’s General Stud Book. This solution allows stud owners to register and update horse foal, stallion and broodmare information via a responsive online application (e.g. PC, Tablet and Phone). It allowed for the online exchange of stud book information that was first initiated by Weatherby’s back in the latter half of the 18th Century. The new service was very well received by Weatherbys's customers.

    Empower Employees

    All organisations depend on their employees but sometimes these resources are under-utilised. Often times resources are kept busy providing customer services and managing information using inefficient tools and methods. This can lead to employees feeling under-valued and not allowing sometimes untapped resources to shine in the workplace.

    Addressing this can be as simple as providing a more modern working environment, introducing new technology and processes and using these tools to better manage organisation and customer data and processes to allow employees to spend their time on real value-add in their day to day activities.

    Reducing paper processing, improving automated processes, adding new robotoic automation solutions, making information more easily searchable and understandable all provide a platform to organisations to empower their employees and leverage off this often-untapped resource pool.

    TEKenable have delivered solutions to our clients that help them to empower their employees and through this digital transformation provide real business benefit across the organisation.

    6 Nations – SharePoint Intranet – TEKenable implemented a new SharePoint Online site collection structure for 6 Nations, allowing them to use their Office365 and SharePoint Online tenancy as an intranet to capture internal communications, information and content. This supported each department to manage, share and collaborate on their content and ultimately help to make business activity and processes easier for their distributed workforce and partners.

    Ryans Insurance – Administrations Platform – Ryans Insurance engaged with TEKenable to help them to automate current existing manual processes around data capture from 3rd parties, customer investment management and reporting. This reduced time consuming manual activities for staff, empowering employees to provide value-add to their customers and more rapidly grow their business while managing internal headcount. The Azure Cloud based solution provides secure access and continuous availability from anywhere on any device to their management and employees.

    Optimise Operations

    For the majority of organisation, improving productivity and continuous improvement are on-going goals. Simply, being more efficient with your operational processes provides improved margins and greater flexibility to organically grow your organisation.

    To help optimise operations, organisations look to connect key operational functions to create consistent, unified management of data and processes that can be accessed easily by both employees and customers from anywhere.

    Aligned with this is the need to manage data, security but also cost. So understanding where your data sits (on-premise or in the cloud), the level of encryption and security protection, along with only paying for what you need – why pay for UAT uptime 100% when UAT only occurs during standard office hours or only at certain project time-periods.

    TEKenable have delivered solutions to our clients that help them to improve business processes and through digital transformation provide optimised operations for the organisation.

    Zurich – Trading & Pricing Tool – Zurich Life and Pensions contracted TEKenable to deliver a bespoke tool written on the .NET Framework using MS SQL Server to integrate with internal systems (e.g. Life400 and HiPortfolio) in order to automate and systemise a process around Blended Fund Trading and Pricing. This project involved a high level of business acumen, where TEKenable worked alongside the Zurich Subject Matter Experts to produce an optimised operational process to support required daily trade and price file generation. The result is that Zurich are able to trade wholesale volumes of Blended Fund investment activity with confidence, managed risk and a stable staff headcount.

    EquiRatings – ERQI Platform – EquiRatings is the leading sports technology, data and content company in the equestrian sector. They manage and analyse equestrian data and provide new insights and indicators to help drive strategy. TEKenable are implementing a platform with EquiRatings to help equestrian organisations have clear insights on safety analysis of riders participation in equestrian events based on data analytics. The use of cloud data processing and end-user delivery provides Equiratings with the cornerstone of the service delivery. Through this project we are improving safety for riders and horses in events all over the world.

    Transform Products

    While all businesses have gained benefit from the introduction of technology and the growth of communication via “omni-channel” to their customer base, with the application of true digital transformation, it is not merely about leveraging technology to automate the “as-is” but to better understand customers, insights and trends to envisage and deliver “to-be” transformations.

    All of the core pillars are interlinked where digital transformation, while optimising operations, empowering employees and helping to engage customers, it also allows organisations to understand and interrogate their data, create predictive insights and deliver new market offerings. This allows organisations to transform products and services, staying agile and adapting in real-time, staying innovative, building what you want and buying just the capabilities you need.

    TEKenable have worked with our clients to help them understand their existing organisation data helping them to transform their product base, delivering innovative and changing offerings to the market place based on clear insights and trends.

    AnPost – AdMailer – TEKenable worked with AnPost to deliver their new AdMailer platform that allows individuals and businesses to design and distribute postal campaigns and flyers through the An Post postal network. The platform provides An Post with clear insights into customers purchasing activities and allows for intelligent cross selling of related products along with incentivising purchases for customers through targeted promotions and deals.

    Independent Trustee Company – iTRUST Platform – TEKenable have worked with the Independent Trustee Company (ITC) over the last number of years having delivered the core iTRUST platform. This platform provides the backbone to all customer relationship and investment information, that not only allows for easy management of customer data and regulatory reporting, but also allows ITC to derive insights and trends from this data, allowing them to understand their customers better and offer enhanced products to their market using this information.

Why TEKenable?

    Established in 2002, TEKenable is providing Digital Transformation services— Customer Engagement, Employee Empowerment, Operational Optimisation and Product Transformation through the application of Consulting, Off the shelf software, Bespoke Software and Sectoral expertise in Financial Services, Agri-Food, Public Sector and Health Care to Medium, Enterprise and Start-up businesses. We are Irish, ISO:9001:2015 certified, a long-term Microsoft Gold and Silver partner but happy in Java and Open Source as well and totally committed to our customer’s success, ask them or ask us !