TEKenable uses a range of Microsoft and other Technologies to deliver solutions to our customers. Key platforms include:

C# .NET Framework and Visual Studio

    TEKenable have built a large number of complex solutions for banks, insurance companies and government departments using C# on the .NET Framework. We develop in this framework because:

  • C# is an elegant, type-safe, object oriented language
  • C# may be used to create a wide range of applications including Windows client applications, XML web services, distributed components, client-server applications and database applications
  • C# programs run on the .NET Framework, an integral component of Windows that includes a virtual execution system called the common language runtime (CLR) and a unified set of class libraries
  • The development of applications takes place within Visual Studio – a complete suite of tools for building both desktop and team-based enterprise web applications

Microsoft SQL Server

    SQL Server is a relational database management system. It is a robust platform and Microsoft continue to invest in the SQL Server product family. We have developed a wide range of bespoke applications based on SQL Server. Our services include:

  • Technical Consulting and Support
  • DBA Support
  • SQL Server Implementations

Microsoft SharePoint

    SharePoint comprises a multi-purpose set of Web technologies supported by a common technical infrastructure. It is used to provide intranet portals, social networks, extranets, websites, enterprise search, and business intelligence. SharePoint Online delivers all the features of SharePoint without the associated overhead of managing the infrastructure on your own. Key features of SharePoint include:

  • Ability to address the flow of information, content and documentation in your organisation
  • Flexibility to customise solutions to meet your business needs
  • Accessibility from almost anywhere with enhanced security features

Microsoft BI Reporting Tools

    We use the Microsoft suite of BI tools including MS Excel, SharePoint and SSRS (SQL Server reporting services) to provide solutions for our clients. Key features of MS BI tools include:

  • Flexibility to tailor reporting requirements to specific needs
  • Powerful Dashboard reporting from Excel
  • Vivid data visualisation, including standard charts, maps and ‘sparkline’ charts
  • Full Range of ready to go reporting tools from SSRS
  • Ability to mash-up large volumes of data using Power Pivot

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Mobile OS

    Windows 8.1 Mobile offers you the power of your desktop or laptop on a mobile device. It includes:

  • Seamless compatibility with MS Outlook and Windows 8
  • Cortana Digital Assistant for setting reminders and providing directions
  • Convenient, easy to use interface

Xamarin Platform

    TEKenable uses the Xamarin Platform for mobile applications development. Xamarin makes it possible to build native iOS, Android and Windows applications in C#, with either Xamarin Studio or Visual Studio.

    With Xamarin, developers can re-use their existing C# code, and share significant code across device platforms. It integrates with Visual Studio, Microsoft's integrated development environment for the .NET Framework, extending Visual Studio for iOS and Android development.

DNN (formerly DotNetNuke)

    The DNN Platform is a popular content management system for website development. TEKenable has deployed the DNN platform for a wide range of companies, allowing them to maintain their websites without dedicated technical personnel. Key features of DNN are:

  • ASP.Net technology, a leading technology used on the web
  • Scalability, enabling a robust solution for small or large websites
  • Robust Content Management allowing editors to edit content via a standard browser
  • Comprehensive Document Management with version control, public or private access to documents and built-in workflow for secure and easy control of your digital assets